Rohingya Appeal

Help Support the Rohingya Refugees

Rohingya Emergency Aid : Refugees without Refuge


Stand up against genocide. Save the Rohingya. 

The treatment of the Rohingya has been described as “textbook ethnic cleansing” by top UN officials – with the death toll mounting and people fleeing their homes, as whole villages have been burnt down. 

In the face of dire persecution spanning decades, nearly 1 million Rohingya have fled Myanmar since the 1970s. 


Saffron Community Trust invite you to us as we strive to aid the long-suffering Rohingya.

Just recently through the Fadl of Allah we have helped in setting up a makeshift Masjid where Salat, a Madrasah and the effort of Deen has started, in sha Allah Taraweeh arrangements for Ramadhan have been made.

We have also supported with food supplies,

There are over 58 families, there are a lot of widows, orphans and families who are in desperate need of aid.

Alhamdullilah I have taken the responsibility to support as much as I can and I am requesting your support firstly with your duas for them, and any lilah, sadaqah or zakat donations.


The Rohingya people are vulnerable and in dire need of food, water, medical assistance and shelter – thousands are currently living in overcrowded and underprovided camps.

Currently SCT is providing essential aid to refugees who have fled to India and have made make shift camps, we are distributing food packs at the moment so they have ease in the month of Ramadhan 

Your donation no matter how small could save someone's life and be a means to enter Jannah!

Help support our cause and earn rewards in this world and the hereafter,

Please donate your zakat, sadqah, lilah,fidya or kafarah.

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