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Poor health and poverty go hand-in-hand


Hunger is a problem that affects everything for the world’s poorest people. It prevents children’s brains from developing fully, causes physical stunting and inhibits their immune systems.

Good health is about more than just medicine and treatment; it includes all areas of life 

Once people have become ill however, what they need is healthcare – and this is often severely lacking in poor countries. 

When crisis hits a country, SAaffron Community Trust wants to provide humanitarian aid that often includes emergency health care and distribution of clean water to prevent illness.

Critically, we look at more than just physical health: when people have suffered losses and witnessed scenes of violence and bloodshed due to conflict, we provide psychosocial care in the form of therapy and counselling to help traumatised patients live a happier life.How your zakat (zakah), sadaqah and other 

Being a Muslim charity committed to uphold the sharia laws in everything we do,

Saffron Community Trust will spend your zakat (zakah), sadaqah, Sadaqh Jarya, Waqaf funds, Riba (interest money), other donations as prescribed by Islamic laws to help people pay for health care bills and you can help save lives. 


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