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How we spend money


Alhamdullilah at present Saffron Community Trust have not paid out any admin costs as all the work we have been doing in getting established has been self funded through payments made by the Trustees and supporters.   

We will always aim to keep our admin costs low and if you gift aid your donations we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation through Gift Aid.

How much you spend on your staff?


With recent reports in media about charity staff salaries, we know we may be asked this question very frequently.

Please note that Saffron Community Trust is mainly being run by a small group of unpaid volunteers who share the same passion and zeal. 

We may occasionally use temp/part-time staff to deal with increased work-load at peak times.

We will provide you a year wise total salary update in future.

Money in 

We will provide an update shortly 

Money out 

We will provide an update shortly 


Our Volunteers are the back bone of the Organisation so why not join the team