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Our Story


I was born and raised up in the city of Leicester, since a very young I have always had a soft spot for the poor and impoverished and would often spend pocket money in various projects for the less fortunate.

I would look at local charities and see what projects they have going on and be disheartened by the adverts you would see on the TV for the appeals to help the poor, but at the same time I was very young and had limited sources to funds, even then I would go and help at the local charity shops where possible.

At the age of 11 our first family trip to India was very eye opening and it made me appreciate the things we have in life back in the UK.

Whilst travelling around India in the hot and dusty climate, I would see streets full of poor people in very disabled conditions that would melt and break my heart.

At such a young age my passion grew and since then my life has been focused around how I can always help others to make their lives better, this passion has stayed with me up until now and will stay with me until the grave.  

I have always had the dream of setting up my own charity one day. It was my habit to donate a small percentage of what I earned to charity as my way of “giving back”.

The world we live in today due to the terrorist attacks we see in the so called "name of Islam" understandably creates a difficult time for Muslims and Muslim Charities - both established and new as the media and public question why they exist and what they are funding. Musilms and Charities are viewed with suspicion.  

This was the turning point for me and I realised that my Islam doesn’t teach what the media portray, my Islam is full of peace, compassion and tolerance.  

It is a very difficult time to run a charity with an Islamic name, but it has made me more determined to succeed and to show the importance of helping desperately poor communities, many of whom have little idea of what the world may be thinking.

Today, alhamdullilah, I have successfully fulfilled my dream and we have a UK Registered charity set up.

Driven by my early life experiences and my passion to work towards my vision of a world where poverty and suffering have been overcome and people are given the chance to better their lives and live in dignity, independence and freedom, as an ambassdor of Islam the work we do is a true reflection of what my relegion teaches all Muslims and I hope to change the mindsets so that we can all live in peace and harmony.  

I very much hope that you will share my passion for a fairer world and that you will support the work of Saffron Community Trust now and in the future.

Jazakallahu Khaira.

Haji Siraz Narma (Founder)

Saffron Community Trust


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